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Rebel Without Ability to Read

Do you need an explanation for cuteness? alright, today was Crazy Hair Day today at the pre-school. My idea of just cutting random bits of hair off was vetoed (but really if I saw that, that person crazy). I gelled it up with two different brands – something and Bed Head for the jeans and a white t-shirt, mod / Bowery boy / 50s style look. IMG_3042




Jasper Stark at 6 Months

197I could put a slew of photos here but I’m organizing those, still (of course).

Today Jasper Stark turned 6 months old .He celebrated by trying carrots for the first time and made his usually range of cute-tastic faces – ad kept going. He has no food dislikes, yet. He ate with brothers Eddie and Jack who have lovely, expressive faces as well.

Jasper is amazingly cute. It is a complete honor to watch him grow up and I am cherishing every second because I know in a blink of an eye he’ll be 1, 3, 5 , 10 ….








Lego Exchange – Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Recreate

Re. Create.

So LEGOs are expensive – yup. They also don’t go in for much recycling at all of plastic, paper or anything. Which is surprising really, if true.

But that article links to and talks about PleyGo, a Play-As-You-Go monthly service that allows kids and parents to trade and rent out LEGOs. That’s pretty cool.

A second link at the same site talks about ReBrickable, a service doing much the same thing, though down to the single LEGO, if I’m reading it right. There’s also LEGOexchange, which isn’t a live site yet but I have to imagine is going to do something similar.


This is the last thing Eddie created out of LEGOS earlier this week.                                                               He called it the R-17 Scorpion “because of its sting.”



PHOTO: What, It’s Spring Already?


Three Weeks Old Today – Jasper

You are beautiful.IMG_7666

(Photo by Carrie)


Feeling Like An Accomplished Dad

Last night, approximately 8,051 grass burrs lost their tight purchase on reality and Eddie’s school hoodie jacket. It took me three and a half hours to scrape off, pick off, roll-stick off and attempt to vacuum off the little pricklies, which made Eddie cry Saturday.

We were walking in the wrong area of the large Kawani’s Park lookouching for his flag football practice (7/8 years old). As we turned back he and Jack asked if they could roll down the hill. Sure. I walked on ahead and the next thing I see, Eddie is picking at his body and by the time they caught up with me again, Eddie was “ow ow ow owieeeee.” Not only were they on his jacket but they had got on his shirt and inside his shirt. I didn’t see them all at first and then I saw the hundreds and thousands all over his jacket. It was an impressive display.

So, last night, I sat down in the living room and carefully oh so carefully pulled them off. I had planned to go to bed early but after putting them to bed, reading them Prince Caspian, I stayed up until and went to bed with a very satisfying feeling as I looked on a clear, pokie-free jacket.


These Guys – Best Gift Ever

I don’t talk about them much here. It’s not because I’m worried about things, it’s just that I don’t do a lot here period. And I do like to take time, usually, writing about those I care about. But here’s a few pics from this week – Eddie dressing up on mismatch day yesterday; Jack riding a mini-landbound boogie board yesterday after seeing Santa and both of them getting their kicks on route .66.


IMG_5958 IMG_5967 IMG_5965 IMG_5963


The Hippie and the Cowgirl

The Hippie Boss who knows 60s is a decent Domain Authority. (also I’m testing WP app picture upload)


Hot Wheels, Secret To My Success

Super Blitzen, 2011 HW Premiere
Megane Trophy, 2011 HW Premiere
71′ Dodge Challenger, 2011 HW Premiere
Bread Box, HW City Works
’69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee, Muscle Mania 11
Chevy Camaro 2010 Indy 500 Pace Car, Nightburnerz

These are the last six Hot Wheels cars I bought. Somewhere I have a box of 40 or so cars, I meant to give my niece and nephew years and years ago. But never did. I periodically have always bought them. I remember being interested that I found a Stutz car when I had a teacher named Schultz. In fifth grade.

And Jack and Eddie get such easy joy out of these cars, I can understand. I never turned into a car fiend, a car obsessive or even much of a mechanic.

So, it’s something that will continue. A connection across the decades, little bursts of being at the steering wheel, under control, imagined speed powered by little hands, imagination and bigger hands and nostalgia mixed with a little sense of driving your own destiny.


Entrez Vous?


So this is a photo taken at about 7pm last evening. When I looked at the cellphone screen, I immediately thought of bright light; the bright light you might see as you die or pass onto the next plane of existence. And the sign in the bottom left hand corner I consciously put in the frame so there would be a pull and a counter-pull in the photo. To me a photo that says something beyond just what it shows is art. Simply evoking a feeling cannot make it art, IMHO, because it reflects only reality. The art therefore is in the existence, not in its capture.

Saying that, composition, certain angles of reality and lighting times can turn a photo into art. This is the first time I think also, that I have deliberately used the cellphones limitations and differences to make a photo. For some reason the Blackberry Storm really takes stellar pictures of the sky and sunsets. I’m going to do another first and try and make a print out of this 3.2MP photo. (This is a scaled down version)

Two other related images at the jump.
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Dennis Hopper Does Photography

And he does it well.

Two ideas come come to mind viewing these photos. One, inevitably, is does the blog post author use these photos – and perhaps quotes – with permission? Two is, some photos are made amazing amazing by the accident of just being in an iconic place at at an iconic time. Ross Halfin and Linda McCartney photos both have that whiff about them. These Hopper photos have that air about them, though they are undoubtedly rocking photos. I really iike Hopper’s ethos of full-frame shots and the black and white natural lighting images are an important study in contrast.

Traffic Pains

Desert Hills Jack-knife

Desert Hills Jack-knife






Big James At Blues Blast, Mesa


One of many many many photos I took at the Phoenix Blues Society’s Blues Blast Feb. 27 (and the Rhythm Room the night before). The rest are coming along.

This here is Big James of Big James & The Chicago Playboys on stage on the trombone. Photo is uncropped.

Joined Mpix Today

Picture 11

Joined Mpix today because I’ve heard so many good things about them. I hope to put Christmas and this site together for good.

Found out about them through Twitter –

No one in my family reads my blog, but this may end up on my Facebook feed?

World AIDS DAY poster

Posing in the hallway at work with a simple photo I created for a friend whose mother died of AIDS in 2000

Posing in the hallway at work with a simple poster I created for a friend whose mother died of AIDS in 2000

* Note I did back date this entry. Actually published Dec. 3