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This is me in a Poker Tournament

I could never play competitively for one reason; I would strangle the motherfuckers sitting there playing with their chips nonstop. Are you a fucking bored 5 year old that can’t sit still for 10 seconds or is this actually a strategy to annoy people? If it is, then I should be able to use my strategy of breaking your fucking fingers to shut you the fuck up.

Or, of course, I could ride that wave of white noise to victory.

Playing Cards, Antique Like So Last Year

Don’t know for sure but this “antique” playing card listing shows pictures of cards that look exactly like crappy decks of cards you can buy anywhere for the equivalent of $3 or $4. How do I know? I bought a few when I was in Europe as a kid less than 20 years ago. They are all over.

Crappy as in no coating, paper, cheap and nasty.

Throwing Playing Cards

Hurl playing cards 50 feet, fling them hard enough to break water balloons, or even embed them into aluminum sheeting!