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Foursquare Elections

I can’t quite figure out the utility of this map – except to show how small Foursquare really is in the world? Oh and 300th post y’all.

Twitter Terms of Service 9/09, Privacy Policy 11/09

As I set up a Twitter account for SoundLust, I check the Terms of Service. I’m interested because I read recently Even Williams and the boys are selling the entirety of tweets to a certain date for $15 million.

Anyways, they’re below and apparently haven’t been updated since Sept. 18, 2009.

The Privacy Policy will be below the ToS, and were last updated November 18, 2009
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Scott Biram, last night, Rhythm Room

I took video with a Blackberry Storm, kneeling down in front of the stage with a mosh pit starting to form behind me for Scott Biram, who kicked off his tour last night at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. The guy was just amazingly talented. The Dirt Daubers (also) are touring with them and they completely smoked the place, as well. And when Colonel JD Wilkes isn’t making faces and hitting the hiiiigh notes, (his wife) Jessica can sing her ass off something beautiful. The band who led off were great, as well, but I’m going to screw up their name so I’m not even going to try. It took about 40 minutes to send this via uberTwitter, but it didn’t crash out. It worked.

(Probably wait for the whole thing to load then press play would be best.) Pics to come, as well … at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, an online gallery near you

Managing Followers: 10 Twitter Tools

Every now and then you feel the urge to purge. Followers that is. You want to be judicious so you set off on the path of no-bread crumbs. Though only 9 of the following (no pun intended) links work, these sites off of are useful and I plan to go through them.

Lily Allen Back on Twitter

I saw it live (ooh) as Lily Allen rejoined Twitter after a four-month haitus. Love her, we need new music. I’ll buy:

I remembered part of her goodbye on Sept. 28, 2009:

I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.



Twitter Addiction? Moderate

Took a quiz, here’s how it went:

How addicted to Twitter are you?

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Sonics Gate Documentary Watch Here

Sonics Gate is a film that tells the story of how Washington and Seattle government took a hard decision in the face of getting boldface lied to by the new owners of the Seattle Sonics.

Clay Bennett, an Oklahoma businessman, bought the Seattle Supersonics NBA basketball team in 2006 and he pretended to want to engage the city and state governments in a sincere effort to want to stay in Seattle. But he made it fairly clear through his demands that he wanted no such thing.

Subsequent statements revealed through good journalism made his intentions more than clear his intentions. Those statements revealed truth.

I’ll know more about Sonics Gate the film when I watch it. I found out about it through Twitter/SonicsGate a few months ago but have never watched it. The group, Seattle Supersonics Historical Preservation Society helped bring the documentary to life.


Sonicsgate SD Full Version from sonicsgate on Vimeo.

Tattoos, Stompers and The Underdog

Start with a place to create music, The Underdog Studios (their MySpace if you must, it just slows my computer down now)

Mix in a band, The Nadas, I keep on forgetting about who also happen to use the Internet well for livestreaming sessions. Which I’ve never watched. Can I take a few moments to say a band’s Web presence is something I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever oh and ever think about. I find music I listen to it. Sure the occasional video, but just no. More of an observation of medium and how it really doesn’t have to all coagulate into one big mess all the time.

Multimedia is often just unnecessary sensory overload – a necessity to appeal to as many people as possible, who all respond better to the sound or the look or the visual aesthetics. Necessary for that but for music the sound, the straight skill and joyfulness of the sound, is most important.

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Twitter Remote Blog Widget

The Code I need to put somewhere else.

Joined Mpix Today

Picture 11

Joined Mpix today because I’ve heard so many good things about them. I hope to put Christmas and this site together for good.

Found out about them through Twitter –

No one in my family reads my blog, but this may end up on my Facebook feed?