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Learn Music With Two Sites. Then Rock. Or Strum. Or Whatever.

You can learn music using these two websites together, just sitting at our keyboard. Right?

This one tells you the basic of musical notes and reading music.

This one is a Google Doodle that can let you hit the keyboard letters for the right notes A B C D E F G

Links: The How Are These Related Edition

A lot of these are on my desktop over the last month or so. I have not been paid for putting anything on this list – or even approached to do so

The News Today

If you were one of the victims of this attack, can you imagine fearing the knowledge that the government just could’ve shut this down. This article doesn’t show that, yet. But it’s disconcerting. (NBC NEWS)

Killing Newborns, family asks for leniency. I cannot imagine having to ask for that in this case. Saying that judges come across as highly stupid wen they quote Focus on the Family to support their case. (ABC NEWS)

Head of the Air Force steps down, will retire because he couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to do in the job (FOX NEWS):

Digital Life sounds so cool, yet scary as well with its implications. And it comes from the Always Tried and True – aka AT & T:

Kanye West, I miss the guy who appeared on Wild N Out and was quick on his feet , funny and self-deprecating. He’ll probably be like that on SNL, too. He’s going to host ASAP (E-online) :

and from the sublimely ridiculous to the deadly serious. Largest AIDS vaccine study shuts down because it doesn’t work. Four steps back, though this study sounds incredibly creepy with all the DNA manipulation (Popular Science);

And this one about Einstein Theorizing:

Want To Read – Don’t Have Time 12-13-12



Apple Is Suddenly Spending Billions Of dollars On Secret Projects

Virgin Finally Hooks Up: Why Richard Branson Cut A Deal With Delta

Snag A Job


This URL seems unprofessional, but it actually seems useful in tracking all kinds of jobs right around where you live. Think of the commute time saved… What do you think?

Cameras – Smiling Is Easy.

Link Fest.

Pretty much PetaPixel go tmy interest otday with some great posts and links about the history of digital photography, as well as photo tips.


First Camera Phone Photograph

Light Meter – A Marble

Baggage Journey Recorded

5MB of Storage in 1956

Someday In The Not-Too-Distant Future

Polaroid Ceramic Coasters

Photos Over Aged Words

Face of Foothills Magazine Competition

Not sure why – but Arizona Foothills magazine needs a face. Here’s loads of them in the competition. No idea the criteria.

PBS / NPR Attempts Investigative Journalism Save

This Newsonomics piece shows one model for trying to keep politically unbiased investigative journalism alive. Not only alive but thriving.

DNA Shoah Project – Was Reminded

I’ve heard of theDNA Shoah Project but was reminded of it today.

Posting here mainly to remember again later.

About That ‘French Surrender’ Thing …

A nice link – The Fighting French » About That “French Surrender” Thing .. brought to me by miquelon on Twitter.

Managing Followers: 10 Twitter Tools

Every now and then you feel the urge to purge. Followers that is. You want to be judicious so you set off on the path of no-bread crumbs. Though only 9 of the following (no pun intended) links work, these sites off of are useful and I plan to go through them.

Cheesy Healthy B*tch

Yesterday I dove pretty deep into a wedge of blue cheese that was left on the wall of my cubicle (is there a more soul-sucking word in the lexicon of professional careerism. I hatessss it.) It was a big wedge. I touched it, it left stank on my hands. And I got distracted by my hate there but food at work us not unusual at all, but leaving cheese there is on the odd side. I’m still not completely sure who left the Point Reyes Farmstead blue cheese there but it was rich, creamy full of goodness. When I opened up the packaging and the foil it was in, a tiny bubble of liquid emerged from the network of blue and the surface of white and fat corpuscles. Oh yeah, I didn’t look at the “nutrition” label. Packed it with smoked turkey in a wrap and gobbled for dinner.

And I found out about Healthy Bitch Daily which promises to be a source of hilarity, with a side of education and damn usefulnesstarity. Also a good link to give to others, which I already did.

(Hey if they can block out ho on the radio but leave other words with more pregnant meaning I can star the I in bitch.)