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Few hours with contact lenses

Just that, I wore possible new contact lenses for just about four hours today. Tried to jam them in my eyes Monday and took almost 90 minutes I think to get them in. It was uber-frustrating and painful and every now and then on the edge of terrifying and giving up. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life for which I had a choice. Made my eyes swollen and sore and Lerone, who helped me the most said it could be effecting my vision after I finally got them in; that my eyes would get better after a while, after practice.

They didn’t seem to work though I think my left one was inside out. I had all week to put them in, but did not because I didn’t have time to suffer through it and then see everything in blurness.

So today, they wee in and they seemed to work better. The one in my left eye felt better, too. It seemed easier to open my eyes wide enough to get poking, and I could function with them in, but something still seemed off with my vision.

Even though I have no idea how I did it, i also got my lens out in a very short time – about 15 minutes. Replaced the water / fluid / whatever the stuff …

This could work. After today, I would like it to.