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Last Christmas – George Michael Dies Young

‪”I’d say love was a magical thing. I’d say love would keep us from pain. And I don’t live. And I don’t live.”‬

George Michael has one of those voices that get inside your heart with ease.  His beautiful voice ended much too early today on Christmas Day.

2016 really has been an annus horribulus with so many icons dying – and my wife’s father – and the truth of American politics and people revealed as shallow and reactionary. 

Careless Whisper and Last Christmas were my two favorite George Michael / Wham songs. Father Figure, Faith and Freedom were up there, too. As well his voice is distinctive and the highlight of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – perhaps the best charity record of all time. 

Don’t ever say it can’t get any worse because often you will be proved wrong. Greatness comes in overcoming troubles, pain and chaos. But all that still has to be endured. 

Carry on.