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Cheesy Healthy B*tch

Yesterday I dove pretty deep into a wedge of blue cheese that was left on the wall of my cubicle (is there a more soul-sucking word in the lexicon of professional careerism. I hatessss it.) It was a big wedge. I touched it, it left stank on my hands. And I got distracted by my hate there but food at work us not unusual at all, but leaving cheese there is on the odd side. I’m still not completely sure who left the Point Reyes Farmstead blue cheese there but it was rich, creamy full of goodness. When I opened up the packaging and the foil it was in, a tiny bubble of liquid emerged from the network of blue and the surface of white and fat corpuscles. Oh yeah, I didn’t look at the “nutrition” label. Packed it with smoked turkey in a wrap and gobbled for dinner.

And I found out about Healthy Bitch Daily which promises to be a source of hilarity, with a side of education and damn usefulnesstarity. Also a good link to give to others, which I already did.

(Hey if they can block out ho on the radio but leave other words with more pregnant meaning I can star the I in bitch.)